Terms of use


These General Conditions regulate the contract between the training platform FOXIZE SCHOOL SL (hereinafter FOXIZE) and the student.

FOXIZE is a company domiciled in Barcelona, C/ Diagonal, 84 3º 1ª Esc. B More legal information about FOXIZE in LEGAL NOTICE - PRIVACY POLICY of the website.
Contact details
Telephone: 933099741, from 9am to 7pm.
E-mail lab@foxize.com

1.   Object of the contract

The object of the contract is a course displayed on the website https://lab.foxize.com according to the characteristics indicated: places, teacher, date, place, timetable etc.

FOXIZE is exclusively a course platform that offers this catalogue and the sale or use of the course is understood to take place at our registered office.

The content, teacher, price and duration of each course are detailed in the course description.

2.   Phases of the process

The contracting process consists of registration and subsequent payment or use.


A.  Registration

To contract a course requires prior registration through https://www.formacion.foxizecloudfoxize.com/registro.
To register you must be over 14 years of age and provide true data.
The data can be modified in the profile section once registered.
The password is personal and non-transferable. Any unauthorised use of the FOXIZE account must be reported to FOXIZE immediately.
Inactive registrations will be deleted if deemed necessary by the FOXIZE team.

B.  Payment

The following payment mechanisms are established:
PayPal or virtual POS.
FOXIZE is not responsible for any contingency with the payment channel.

Corporate projects are also carried out on this portal which do not involve any payment by the user - student.
C.  Confirmation

Confirmation of enrolment for a course will be sent by e-mail.

Once confirmed, you will be able to manage all your products through your user account: classroom courses, online courses and tests. In the user account you will find all the videos of each online course purchased organised by sessions with unlimited viewing access (except for corporate projects, which will depend on the duration of the project). The user will be able to download and save presentations and other course materials: pdf, ppt, additional material, articles, etc.

3.   Quality of service

The quality of our teachers is one of FOXIZE's essential assets. Any incident or complaint from the student will be heard and considered and may lead to the expulsion of a course or teacher from this platform.

There is no direct link to the teaching staff in which the service is provided.

Necessary conditions:

- Internet connection via a personal computer (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer 8 or higher, Safari, Opera).

- Operating system: MacOs (iPad, iPod, iPhone), Google with Adobe Flash Player.

4.   Price (not applicable to corporate projects)


The price indicated on the website is the total price, VAT is not charged on the training. The price includes exclusively the training, the teacher is responsible for the provision of material.


These are courses in which there is a chair for you. They take place live and require your attendance in person. The content, teacher, price and duration of each course can be found in detail in the "Courses" section of our website: https://www.foxize.com/cursos


These are the sum of several face-to-face courses on the same subject. And of course, they require your attendance. FOXIZE's flexibility allows you to register for a programme in its entirety or only for the courses you are most interested in. The content, teacher, price and duration of each course is detailed in the "Intensive Programmes" section of our website: https://www.foxize.com/programas


Once you have purchased a course, you will be able to watch it whenever and wherever you want, without any restrictions. So you can learn with freedom of schedule. In addition, you will also have access to the materials and presentations that the teacher of the course may have made. The content, teacher, price and duration of each course can be seen in the "Courses" section of our website by selecting the option "online courses": https://www.foxize.com/cursos


This is a temporary fee that gives you access to the number of FOXIZE courses you want for as long as you choose: 3 months (Quarterly Fee), 6 months (Semi-Annual Fee) or 1 year (Annual Fee). And which courses are included in this fee? All the classroom courses published on our website with the Flat Rate icon and all the online courses. You only have one condition: You must not be enrolled in more than 3 face-to-face courses at the same time. As soon as you do one of the three, you will be able to sign up for another one. You can find the prices and detailed conditions for each of these 3 Flat Rate modalities on our website: https://www.foxize.com/tarifa-plana


This flat rate gives you access to all FOXIZE online courses for 12 months. Yes... All of them for a year! And of course, this access also includes the presentations and extra materials, if any, for each course. So you can learn everything you want without stepping foot in our classrooms. The price and detailed conditions of the Online Flat Rate, you will find them on our website: https://www.foxize.com/tarifa-plana


With this voucher you have for you the 5 classroom courses that you want, and that are identified with the F5 icon, and the 2 online courses that you choose. However, you must complete them before the voucher expires: one year after purchase. You can find the price and detailed conditions of the F5 Voucher on our website: https://www.foxize.com/bonos


At Foxize we want to help you learn as much as possible. But which areas do you master the most and which ones do you need to reinforce? Take our tests and find out how much you know about each subject. This will make it easier for you to decide which courses you should take. Check out all the tests we have published on our website: https://www.foxize.com/test-digital


Unlimited is FOXIZE's Flat Rate for the employees of the company that hires it. With this rate, the employees of that company will have access to the classroom courses and online courses published on our platform according to the contract conditions that are established. You can check the advantages of this rate on our website: https://empresa.foxize.com/unlimited

5.   Intellectual property of the training material

The training material to which you will have access belongs exclusively to the teacher, who will decide what to transfer and under what conditions.

6.   Modification or cancellation policy

FOXIZE may modify the courses for exceptional reasons, and the student will always be notified of the changes and will be entitled to a refund of the course fee.

Likewise, FOXIZE reserves the right to cancel courses when a minimum number of places is not filled, with prior notice to registered students.  In this case, the full amount paid by the student will be refunded or the student will be offered a possible change of enrolment.

The courses offered by FOXIZE are valid on the dates indicated. FOXIZE is not responsible for cancellations or changes made by the teacher or due to problems with the premises.

A student has the possibility to request the cancellation of his/her enrolment and therefore the refund of the amount paid during the first 14 days following his/her purchase, provided that the course is less than 72 hours before the course takes place.

After the 14 days following the purchase, the student has the option of exchanging this course for another one, but not to the monetary refund.

No changes will be accepted if the course is within 24 hours of its completion.

7.   Characteristics of the document

This document in which the conditions are accepted is filed in our computer system. The student can print it or save it on his/her computer.

8.   Complaints

Complaint forms are available for students. They can be requested by email at info@foxize.com.

9.   Conditions of web use

The conditions of web use are regulated in the LEGAL NOTICE - PRIVACY POLICY.

10.  Conditions on comments

FOXIZE will not publish any comment contrary to common sense or to the rules of coexistence.

11.  Transfer of use of the platform

The student is permitted the temporary transfer of use of the FOXIZE course platform. The use is limited exclusively to the intended purpose and in accordance with the limits established in the intellectual property regulations.

12.   Applicable law and jurisdiction

The contracting language is Spanish.

The terms, conditions and other documents of FOXIZE shall be governed by Spanish law.

Most of the communications between the Student and FOXIZE shall be made electronically. The student agrees that such communication shall have the same validity as a written communication, to the extent permitted by law.