About Foxize Lab

A Foxize environment born out of a concern to ensure people's learning.


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More than sixty years have passed since Peter Drucker coined the term "knowledge worker". In that time the world has changed radically on the shoulders of technology and the digitalisation of our lives. We keep pace with the times, accelerating and living with the full range of contradictions.

There is no doubt that, to survive as organisations or professionals, we need to learn at least as fast as our environment is changing, and faster if we want to progress. 

In the 10 years of Foxize's life, we have witnessed this great acceleration. Our personal and organisational learning has evolved alongside our customers and our community.

We look to the future with optimism because the new times have also brought great things. We have never been more committed and convinced of our business: improving people's employability through learning. We are a bit nerdy and we enjoy doing it; we are quite good at it and we do something the world needs: helping organisations and individuals to optimise their learning and evolve.

Our activity has long been focused on organisations (B2B) but we don't lose sight of the fact that our business is "by people for people", after all, organisations learn only through people who learn.

This is the spirit in which Foxize Lab was born:

  1. The environment for people who want to know "what and how to learn". 
  2. The place where we will continue to learn about the needs of professionals and how they evolve through our tests.
  3. From where we will assist our corporate clients' learning
  4. and from where we would like to share knowledge and collaborate with all those professionals who share an interest in learning.

Who knows if this could end up being a space for "knowledge workers" capable of building and developing learning organisations.

¿Will you join us?